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Groomers reserve the right to stop grooming process if animal is aggressive due to the safety of the animal and groomer 

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**prices vary based on size of dog and condition of coat **

Bath and Brush:   $35 - $75
shampoo, conditioner, nail trim/file, ear cleaning, (ear plucking at the groomer's discretion), blow-dry, full body brush out, sanitary trim

Haircut & Styling:   $70 - $120
Everything included in the Bath and Brush with a complete haircut + styling.

Nail Trim & Dremmel:   $15

Teeth Brush:   $10

Mud Bath:   $15

Gland Expression:   $10

Furminator / Deshedding:    $15+

20 minute brush out and bath (de-shed shampoo and conditioner

Dematting:   $10 - $30
Matt charges depends on the condition of the coat. If the dog is excessively matted, we will contact the parent to discuss. A shave down may be necessary,

Flea Bath:   $10
Flea shampoo is left in coat for 5 minutes killing fleas immediately but will not prevent them. 

Flea Treatment (Advantage Monthly Treatment):   $20
K9 Advantage repels and kills fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, and repels flies. K9 Advantage will protect your dog for a full month. Should be reapplied for continued protection.

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All parents are required to have a Gingr account + place a $10 deposit for all grooms

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Meet the Groomers


Head Groomer

Karen Joined our team in 2017, bringing more than 20 years of experience with her to the pet resort. She began her interest in grooming after adopting several schnauzers and later decided to make it her career. Starting off with dogs, Karen soon expanded her skill and knowledge into cat grooming. She often states that cats are a little more challenging and require greater concentration but bring her just as much reward. Karen enjoys every creative aspects of her craft, especially taking a dog with difficult hair and transforming them into a clean, beautiful, happy canine. Karen always says, "the dogs that leave our pet spa know they look great and I like getting to be a part of that".